Free! Free! Free! No other way to say it.
Never pay for processing equipment again!

With Alaska Merchant Services you get state-of-the-art, multi-application, credit card processing equipment absolutely FREE! Why? When your business thrives, so does ours. Unlike our competitors, we are willing to make an upfront investment in your success today because we believe it will pay off tomorrow. With a payment solution for every situation, Alaska Merchant Services can truly set your business free.

Retail and MOTO | Free Terminal Placement With Alaska Merchant Services Retail and MOTO
Smart Phone Mobile Processing Solutions With Alaska Merchant Services Smart Phone

For retail businesses, or mail order / telephone order businesses. Alaska Merchant Services guarantees that you will not pay more in processing fees when taking advantage of our Free Terminal Placement program. However, if you currently own your own system that you prefer to keep, we can simply reprogram it to work with your new Alaska Merchant Services merchant account, free of charge.


Alaska Merchant Services offers more than traditional credit card processing terminals. We can also open your business up to a new world of customers with our mobile processing solutions. With our mobile swipe device, you can turn your smart phone into a secure credit card terminal. You'll be free to make the sale no matter where you are, opening your business up to new world of customers.

Alaska Merchant Services Offers Wireless Solutions For Merchants Wireless
E-Commerce Solutions In Alaska - Manually Process Credit Card Transactions From Offline Orders E-Commerce

Ideal for delivery services, taxi/car services, contractors, flea markets or any business that accepts payments off-site, Alaska Merchant Services wireless solutions deliver a truly flexible payment solution. Similar in form and function to a standard terminal, this secure, PCI compliant payment terminal features a large display screen and integrated receipt printer. Accept credit and debit cards away from your physical store location and take advantage of "card present" rates while you are on the go with our wireless solutions for merchants.


Our virtual, secure, web-based terminal can perform the same functions as a physical credit card terminal. With it, you can accept credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks and gift cards. You can manually process credit card transactions from offline orders, issue credits, void transactions, recurring billing, and view your list of transactions. You can connect your virtual terminal to your website shopping cart for a safe and reliable E-Commerce solution. You can even identify suspicious transactions with built-in fraud tools - all from ANY computer in the world.

Take Advantage Of A Business Cash Advance Through Alaska Merchant Services Cash Advance
Check Services | Alaska Merchant Services Advanced Check Guarantee System Check Services

A business cash advance enables merchants to generate the working capital they need without having to negotiate with a bank or worry about long-term credit card interest. Instead, you now have the option to apply for a cash advance of up to $1,000,000 by leveraging an asset you probably have not thought of utilizing: your future credit card receivables. A business cash advance is an excellent and often overlooked source of short-term financing that your business can take advantage of through Alaska Merchant Services.


Check Guarantee enables businesses to avoid bounced checks and bank fees as a result of accepting non sufficient funds (NSF) checks. Alaska Merchant Services advanced check guarantee system will scan customers' checks against our database of negative check writers, and alert the merchant to negative and NSF check risks. With check conversion, checks will automatically be deposited into bank account, eliminating the need to make trips to the bank.

Free ECR - Electronic Cash Register - Program Through Alaska Merchant Services ECR
Alaska Merchant Services Provides Single Or Multi-lane Supermarkets And Grocery Stores Applications Supermarkets

The free ECR (Electronic Cash Register) program provides an excellent alternative. ECR is the industry's first and only electronic cash register to feature completely integrated payment processing. This unique technology allows merchants to handle all of their payments via one terminal. With the introduction of a cash register system that also manages all functions of credit card processing, we have essentially eliminated the need for a standalone credit card terminal. While a credit card terminal will only do credit card transactions, an integrated ECR will manage the money, record sales, keep track of taxes and now process credit cards, all in an efficient and streamlined manner.


Alaska Merchant Services provides single or multi-lane supermarkets and grocery stores applications customized to meet your processing needs. Qualified supermarkets receive special interchange pricing from the Card Associations (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa). You can rely on Alaska Merchant Services to educate you on the qualification details, assist you with the registration process, and provide you with the appropriate equipment. Improve your payment transaction time to get shoppers through checkout quickly.

Hotel And Lodging Services With Alaska Merchant Services Hotel & Lodging
Pay At The Pump Program | Alaska Merchant Services C-Stores & Petroleum

With Alaska Merchant Services hotel and lodging services, you will not only be able to accept credit, debit and check services, but you will also be able to process full lodging application data, including check-in, check-out, folio number, date and arrivals.


Alaska Merchant Services offers a complete pay-at-pump program that is compatible with virtually every pump and site controller on the market. Choose from comprehensive payment solutions with high speed authorizations, while helping to keep fees as low as possible.